Prisoners (REVIEW)

Prisoners opens with a soft prayer from Keller Dover (Hugh Jackman) giving us a good indication that faith is an integral theme that will run throughout. The opening acts as indication that theme,… Continue reading

The Spectacular Now (REVIEW)

Coming of age films are becoming increasingly grim and unsettling. Perhaps its a sign of the times and a window into this current generation. The Spectacular Now is one of the best films… Continue reading

Drive: Philosophy of the Driver

In 2011’s “Drive”, the nameless hero has chosen getaway driving as an emotional release. In the opening scene, the driver seems less interested in helping the two criminal passengers pull off a successful… Continue reading

Short Term 12 (REVIEW)

Here is a film that is so earnest in it’s storytelling, and so sincere with it’s performances, it’s hard not to gain enjoyment from it, even despite it’s constant run in with clichés. The… Continue reading

Thoughts on Bringing out the Dead

“I always had nightmares, but now the ghosts didn’t wait for me to sleep…more than anything else wanted to sleep like that. Close my eyes and drift away.” There is a moment in… Continue reading

A Brief Analysis of Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut

The first time we see Alice (Nicole Kidman) in Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut, she disrobes and a black dress falls to the ground, leaving her completely nude. Heels still intact, she kicks the dress… Continue reading